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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


| ~DolpHin~ posted at 12:27 AM |

Thursday, June 22, 2006

有你在,一切都变得那么美好~ :)

今天他回来了!... 感觉真好!

很多以前觉得很厌烦的事情,今天都变的那么美好! 早上6点起身,虽然很累,但是心理是被喜悦灌溉得满满~起身没有多久,电话就在那头响起,银幕显示外国来电,分外兴奋!,一定是他!捎了一通电话告诉我他到了KLIA... 再过多2个小时,我就可以看到他了也!..再也按奈不了心中的喜悦,狂笑了出来~



| ~DolpHin~ posted at 12:11 AM |

Sunday, June 18, 2006


这个标题显得有点矛盾~ 不过,却是好贴切的心情写实...

上个星期五,他飞去法国了.. 为的是conference...

所以啊,因为conference的准备,临走前,他也怪忙的,所以,我倆也就没有什么在一起的时间...到了星期四,他叫我老远的到causeway point碰面,想应该是出发前要买一些东西,好在旅途上用吧~...跟他碰面了,才知道他也没有什么要买的,就是纯粹要给大家一个短短的在一起的时间... 嘴上是怪他要我大老远地去根他碰面,不过,心里还怪甜蜜的呢~

当然..我陪他去飞机场,送他走... 只不过是短短10天的分开,所以我一直以为我应该不过觉得怎样吧.. 怎么知道,当他要离开的时候,心里那么一抽,眼泪都差一点掉出来了!我想,当他去美国的时候,我回怎样呢?我想我会哭死吧~

还好,我们并没有断了联络..再分开多远,以现在的发达科技,想要联络上,根本就不是问题... 不过,他走的第一,二天,我还怪不习惯的!...就觉得好无聊,没有人陪~...恰好!现在我使用的护肤品牌正在推销.. 买多少钱,就送什么之类的..所以,约了LS和XJ一起去血拼! 结果,果然出血!... 我超资!!不过很开心哦~.. 买了都是自己喜爱的东西~我以为我肯定被他骂死.. 结果正好相反..因为一向来,他也认为女孩子嘛..是应该护一护肤的~~ >.<

很快,就到了星期五..他在欧洲也有一个星期了!.. 心里很是开心,第一,他要回来了!,第二,他成功地做了一个oral presentation, 虽然他说,他觉得没有很好,也没有不好,可是在我的心目中,他真的是我的骄傲! 我想,我应该没有那个能奈,胆量,站在300多个scientist的面前,所出自己目前的研究,跟他们讨论所有的利与弊吧!..所以,当他跟我说,他的presentation over了,我真的很替他开心.. 做了那么多个月的研究,终于在那天有一个很好的结束~...他的喜悦,我感受得到!

说是开心,不过,心情还是有所复杂..因为我的好朋友,好伙伴,LS... 星期五是他的last day in lab...就是说,以后,就要一个人作战了!算是为他farewell, 我,YB, XJ还有她.. 当天晚上到clark quay brewerkz 享用晚餐,好好吃哦!!!!! 气氛极佳!不过,因为没有预定,所以等了好久才到我们,所以,我们都像是饿鬼投胎,看到什么都想吃..真的好好吃!!!顺便,我们也看了一场球赛,叫了5小杯酒.. 虽然我都不喝,那天,豁出去了,就尝一点点...诶?..还蛮好喝的,哈哈..我真的喝很少..可是,当我回家时,我觉得好晕哦~~~..我想我有一点小醉吧~真没有用!


| ~DolpHin~ posted at 10:11 PM |

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Oh well... This entry shd have a big contrast as compared to my last entry... I was bored, i was unhappy.. and all these juz simply because i was thinking too much, and i was worried too much...

My grandma getting so much better after we back from binturu. Do really pray hard that she can be healthy always.. And I accompanied my mum to seek for doctor for her problem of gastric errosion. She was prescribed with some medicine.. Though knowing this problem cannot be solved within one or 2 days.. its real uneasy to see my mum sufferring from the pain bcoz of this errosion.

After big big arguement, i found that he is so much closer wif us for now... So, feel quite happy to be at home this time.. can't really ask for more from him, juz wish that we can closer and closer, day by day...

Few weeks ago, i easily get angry... and though i know i expected too much from sihai, but still giving him stress, and blames.. for not accompanying me etc... and he still pick up my phone, listened to my worries, and my blames...he beared wif me, didn't explain much too.. until i realize.. i'm juz thinking too much.. knowing he suffered a lot at tat time.. but still never dare to say sorry to him...

A really right time for us to solve the big prob --> our room rent.. Finally found a pair of siblings to stay in the 2nd room and sihai's room.. so at least for next year, i'm going to stay with both of them.. Hopefully.. everything can be better.. at least better than now.. A really right time to rent the 2 rooms out.. a right timing that before we got on cruise... haha..

My bad temper.. somehow lost the time we found our new housemates..and at tat time, i only realize.. nothing was happened btw sihai and i... nothing has changed, juz i myself again, think too much, worried too much.. for the housing problem, for tt he going to leave soon.. and thinking all the nonsense..

With not much stress and worries.. we happily get on board... to enjoy our 2 night cruise...

lazy now.. will continue soon...

| ~DolpHin~ posted at 10:37 PM |

Monday, May 01, 2006


I tot i shd feel happy as i back at home for abt one week..

But i'm not happy, i'm bored, i'm unmotivated for anything...

Visit my grandma last week. Can't describe the feeling when i saw her. Not to mention about me, she can't even recognize my mum... I know my mum was very sad. Her living condition isn't good. We dun understand how suffer she is, she told me, only grandpa will understand her pain. Every morning, she told me she wanna go... and We simply can't do much, and for all we can do is only pay her a visit.

2nd day, my grandma finally recognize all of us.. and she was happy.. but we were leaving in the next day. At tat time, i was thinking, are we too cruel to ask her recognize us and yet we r leaving soon...?

Last day at grandma's house, i saw my mum cried..tears coming out from my grandma's eyes, too.. I can do nothing. only a hug.

Stayed at home for a few days, this time, something has changed. I feel quite disappointed to know tat. Of course, still home sweet home, mayb all we need is to hv a deep tok? Things never change are... mum still cook my favourite dishes everyday, i feel a step closer wif him, and my great brother still likes to joke...

Time passes.. and i'm back in sg... Am i expecting too much? Or he changes again? I tot we would really spend wat he so called "precious time" together.. I dunno if i expect too much, or.. the cruise trip is the only "precious time" that he would willing to spend wif me. Nothing except cruise that can make me feel to be sincere, No plan at all from him... everything abt me for him is "in the future"... I'm always asked and i know i shd treasure the time we have.. but to leave or not to leave me, doesn't seem to make a big difference for him... I would ask, how much impt i'm in his heart?

| ~DolpHin~ posted at 7:52 PM |

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yup.. I kinda lazy to update the blog..

The exam period is over. Dun think i do well for both modules, but anyway, really looking forward for next sem which i won't need to take any module.

Can't really think of wat i had been doing for past few weeks, except being a happy grandma.

The only thing that i could remember is, we celebrated LS's bday. Went for dinner at marina square few days before her bday. Was thinking to giv her surprise by bringing a cake, and her pressie.. and suddenly pop up in front of her.. .. but .. but .. but... i failed to do so.. YB said, i'm not the person who can really giv ppl surprise.. but .. i tot i can?!

Sihai will be flying to France for conference in Mid of June.. staying there for abt 2 weeks.. And he will b flying to US for his research training for half a year to 9 months. For sure i m unwilling to see him leaving.. the only thing i can do, probably is asking myself to b strong enough, and trust our relationship... He always tell me that we can make it... and i do wan to make it thru...

So yah, sth happy.. before he leaving sg, we will b going to a short trip.. going to starcruise for 2 nights.. the destination will b pulau redang... haha.. really can't wait for it.. =D

| ~DolpHin~ posted at 12:05 AM |

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The more i know, the more i hate this person

I juz feel so sad and so disappointed to this person... I told myself to forgive this person, but again and again, this person juz never be considerate at all..

Mayb to this person, we are juz nothing... But i wanna say, in past, this person was my all, and with all the disappointments... I'm nothing to this person, this person is equally nothing to me...

I really wish ppl who get affected could take good care to themselves, dun let this person get too much on you... If this person do not appreciate what we hv done, and this person is deserved to be treated in this way...

For the ppl who get affected, i wanna tell you that you are still my love, and your position in my heart is always the top, the top that nobody can displace you...

This person, i hate you!

| ~DolpHin~ posted at 10:25 PM |

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